Friday, December 23, 2011


Banana chips and Malayalis are inseparable... Earlier it was on special occasions that this tasty item graced the menu. Now a days, one could buy it from any of the supermarkets or bakery. Specialized chips shops will give you fresh hot chips...

Banana Chips -Round

Let it cool...
 But nothing can be more tasty than the chips made at home... No flavoring, only simple frying in coconut oil... And the end product is for all to taste and savor!

The traditional version

Here, I Present to you banana chips - made by myself! It was worth the effort...

Waiting to be stored...


  1. yummy looks :)
    i feel hungry now !!
    Kerala hot chips !

  2. Those pics left my mouth watering. I think I should ask mom 2 parcel some for me AEAP.

  3. Yeah...Mouth watering!!! Looks like it is time for the next round of chips making...

  4. mouth watering...

    happy new year to you

  5. @ Krishna! Thank you!
    Happy New year to you too..