Friday, December 16, 2011


Bharatapuzha -also known as Nila or Perar is the second longest river of Kerala. It has been an inevitable part of the history and culture of the South Malabar area of Kerala. Sadly, it is dying due to indiscriminate sand mining. It is said that the sand from Bharatapuzha is the best for construction. Hence, it has spelled doom for the river. What used to be a full free flowing mighty river has now turned into a rivulet with lots of tiny, bushy island and shrubs growing in the middle.

Country Boats in the River - a scene from Tirunavaya in Malappuram Dist of Kerala, which is famous for it Nava Mukunda Temple

Another look at the river...


  1. Thank you Magiceye! That shot is indeed special...

  2. Calicut,my hometown, long relinquished though.Learnt to swim in these waters. Nostalgia.... :)

  3. hi nila, you are so sweet and beautiful

    thanks for sharing

  4. @ Krishna, Yes, Nila is beautiful indeed!

  5. Yeahh,its sad ,the state of the river now.Had some fun days bathing in its waters,some good memories!!!!