Monday, November 28, 2011

Dragon Fly-1

As I steeped into the foliage around my home, this fellow was dancing around. 
Soon, I was treated with various pose!
Is this pose alright?

See My Wings...

How do I look now?

Let me spread my wings for you..


  1. Awesome clicks. Well, I love the first pose. Good idea to include a part of the leaf in the near focus. I have a special liking for macro shots with distant blurring and some definite object demarcating the target from the viewer. The first one has it all.

  2. Thanks Leo! Very happy that you liked it.
    I should confess that I was thinking more about getting a proper shot before it flew away, than anything else..

  3. Wow Nisha! This is beautiful.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. great capture:)) well my blog also has the same title except that it is My Kaleidoscope

  5. Thanks Sajeev! Your blog is good.