Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Birds are difficult to capture on camera. Somehow, they always know that you are trying to take a shot of them, and fly away... So, these images are treasures for me..
Far away on the tree top the chestnut headed bee eater?

A surprise guest arrived Cattle egret

Manjakkili - Black hooded Oriole?

Another shot

Black Drongo


  1. Nisha,

    Good pictures. I think the surprised guest is an egret, maybe a cattle egret. And the manjakili could be a black-headed oriole (the Eurasian golden oriole has a yellow head). The far away on the tree top ones are probably bee eaters (not sure). They used to frequent our backyard in Gurgaon.

  2. @Malini Rajesh,

    Thanks for the comments and clarification. I think you are right about egret and oriole. I took the photo of the far away birds thinking that they are kingfishers. From far they looked like kingfishers. But not sure.

  3. @ Manju,
    Thanks a lot. It is from my ancestral home and its surroundings..

  4. nice photos...

    excellently captured...

    names also given...